You Snooze you…. WIN!

It seems that folks these days are pretty sleep deprived.  So many of us spend our nights tossing and turning.  It wouldn’t be such a big deal if we were napping to make up for the lost hours of sleep, but due to busy lifestyles, naps are not a priority for most... But maybe they should be--a brief mid-day slumber [...]

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Cuckoo for Congee

Have you ever tried rice for breakfast? Compared with lunch and dinner, breakfast is fairly limited in terms of choices.  Oatmeal, smoothies, toast, eggs, granola with yoghurt… these are the Mon-Fri staples for most.  Before studying Chinese medicine, I was an oatmeal kind of gal.  And judging by the intake forms I see in clinic, I am not alone. Oatmeal [...]

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How Does Acupuncture Work?

"I was hoping you could tell me!" In all honesty, the easiest answer we can offer in biomedical terms is that no one has a definitive explanation.  But many have taken a stab (pun intended) at explaining it. Here is what we do know: Acupuncture promotes blood flow. This is key because blood contains the oxygen, nutrients, immune substances, hormones, [...]

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