Barefoot Healing Treatments

Barefoot Healing is a safe and welcoming place for all patients. I will use a combination of bodywork including Tui Na, acupressure and holds along with gentle needling. You will be seen and heard and will have my undivided attention from the moment you walk in the door until the moment you float back out.

Kruger Omni

Hi, I’m Emma…

I’m a Registered Acupuncturist with the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners & Acupuncturists (CTCMA). 

I earned my Bachelor of Arts Degree from Queen’s University in 2007 and my Acupuncture Diploma with Honours from Pacific Rim College in 2014.

After passing my board exams, I honed my skills in a community acupuncture setting where I would see an average of 15 patients per shift which helped me to gain a lot of experience very quickly.  After four and a half years of this exciting and fast-paced work, I transitioned into one-on-one (private) acupuncture where I incorporate other modalities–some of which you can learn more about below.

Currently, along with my private practice, I offer Community Acupuncture at the Victoria Native Friendship Centre and am faculty member at Pacific Rim College, where I teach in the student clinic.

Additional Certifications and Continuing Education

Kruger Omni Healing: (56 hours):

A somatic-based modality promoting alignment and nervous system regulation.  Using a combination of passive muscle testing along with light stroking and tapping over the clothing, this treatment stimulates a healing response from the nervous system to bring about balance and relief of symptoms.

Dr Tan’s Balance Method for Pain (16 hrs):

Developed by Dr. Richard Tan, this style of acupuncture treatment is rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Meridian theory and promotes healing by balancing the channels using contralateral needling. Focus is on distal points in order to avoid aggravating the area of discomfort.

Debra Betts Maternity Acupuncture (16 hrs):

A detailed approach to the treatment of women during pregnancy, including the latest Western medical research about implantation, pregnancy and labor. Highlights the most relevant TCM treatments for the different stages of pregnancy.

Qi Dynamics & Deepening Skills with Sarah Pritchard (16 hours) 

Tui Na is a form of massage based on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine and can be utilized as both physical bodywork (Yang and invigorating) and subtle energy medicine (Yin and deeply nourishing). 

Kiiko Matsumoto Japanese Acupuncture Foundations (ongoing)

Japanese Acupuncture involves Hara diagnosis through the abdomen to feel for blockages in the organs or meridians. This process provides immediate feedback through the body by palpating the abdomen, neck, limbs, and back to assess the body’s inner workings, which reflect through the connective tissue.

Tui Na and Moxibustion for Menstrual Problems and Infertility with Sarah Pritchard (16 hours)

Using Tui na massage and Moxibustion (burning of ground mugwort leaves) in different ways to support women’s health. Safe hands on treatment of local areas significant to the movement of breath, Qi, blood and emotion while distal needles are in place.

Medical Qi Gong with Malcolm Clark (24 hours):

Fusing hands-on bodywork and movement in order to cultivate and deepen our relationship as practitioners with the subtler energies.  Utilizing intuitive touch and movement, or Free Form Qi Gong to tap into the energetic borders and boundaries of our bodies.

Family Constellations with Helga Beer (70 hours):

My practice continues to be shaped and informed by Family Constellations work. German therapist Bert Hellinger developed this intervention based on components of Gestalt therapy and psychodynamic therapy. This system of healing is based on the idea that problems may sift down through generations to cause stress in the present moment.