Covid-19 Office Policies

In order to return to practice, we are subject to by-laws and regulations set out by our professional college (CTCMA), WorkSafe BC, and the BCCDC. We are committed to maintaining a space where we can balance the needs of individuals requiring care with the need to continue to limit the spread of COVID-19.

Client Guidelines:

  • Health-authority approved hand sanitizer will be provided in the treatment room. Please sanitize your hands immediately upon entering the treatment space.
  • Masks are required to be worn by both practitioner and patient. Please bring one with you if possible and put on before entering the treatment space (reusable or disposable is fine).
  • Please do not bring anyone with you to your appointment, and limit the belongings you bring as well.
  • Please wait outside the office or in your car before your appointment to avoid congestion in the waiting area, coming into the clinic only a minute or two before your scheduled appointment.
  • Please employ standard infection prevention and control measures that keep us all safe.
  • Sneeze or cough into your sleeve or elbow.
  • Wash or sanitize your hands immediately after sneezing, blowing your nose or touching your face.
  • Refrain from touching your face or adjusting your mask if at all possible. If necessary use a tissue or sanitize hands before and after.
  • If you are at greater risk (older than 60, compromised immune system, underlying chronic medical conditions), I ask that you make sure you are informed about risk, assess your own risk tolerance and think through and apply extra precautions and heightened vigilance as you are comfortable with for seeking treatment.

Patient Screening and Waiver

  • As per regulatory body requirements, we are pre-screening all patients 24 hours prior to appointments as well as upon arrival to your treatment for risk factors that would prohibit office entry and require rescheduling of treatments.
  • If you have any symptoms of a cold, flu, or COVID-19, including coughing, sneezing, fever and more, you are required to reschedule your appointment.
  • Additionally, if you have been in contact with anyone with respiratory illness, confirmed or suspected cases of COVID-19 you will need to reschedule your appointment. You can access a self-assessment guide online here:
  • If you have travelled or have had close contact with anyone who has travelled in the last 14 days your appointment must be rescheduled.
  • Late cancellation fees will be waived for the time being.
  • Prior to your treatment, you must sign the COVID-19 Informed Consent and Liability Waiver. It will be emailed to you prior to your appointment for you to complete online if you have appropriate signature software, otherwise, hard copies will be available in the office.

Office Changes and New Protocols:

  • The comfy green chairs have been replaced with plastic ones for ease of cleaning between clients.
  • Rugs and other decorative items that are difficult to clean have been removed.
  • Water and tea service has been suspended.
  • Scheduled as well as routine disinfection and cleaning of the offices, waiting areas, along with high touch surfaces will continue. The bathroom will be routinely disinfected however it is shared amongst other tenants in the building. For this reason, we recommend utilizing the washroom before you leave for your appointment and only use it if necessary while at the office.
  • As always, all linens and blankets will be laundered after each use and then sealed to maintain cleanliness until used in the treatment space.
  • At this time, no hugs or handshakes, and a 2-meter social distance will be maintained as much as possible.
  • If I have any symptoms of a cold, flu, or COVID-19, including any coughing or sneezing, or have been around anyone with the same, I will not come into the workplace and appointments will be rescheduled.
  • As always the highest level of handwashing and sanitization protocols will be utilized throughout treatments and within the office all day.
  • I will be wearing a face mask as we won’t be able to maintain social distancing while in the office together throughout the appointment.
  • We will continue to monitor accurate and reputable COVID-19 updates as well as recommendations from our provincial and federal agencies and my regulatory body in order to provide updates on any further changes to my clinic services.
  • Our patient load will be decreased in order to allow ample time for sanitization between treatments.
  • For the time being contactless payments only will be accepted (Visa, MasterCard, debit tap or email transfer), please do not bring cash.

If you have any questions or concerns, I encourage you to email me or call (250.888.5362). I would be happy to discuss any questions or thoughts you have.