Barefoot Services

My approach encourages regulation of the nervous system first.  Along with acupuncture, treatments may include other modalities such as Kruger Omni Healing and Trauma Recovery.  There is no substitute for the healing power of touch and so I begin every session with gentle massage, acupressure and often cupping.

Positive Repogramming


This holistic approach to healing links the body, mind, emotions and spirit.  Very thin, sterile, single-use needles are inserted into the skin along the meridian lines. The procedure is virtually painless, and surprisingly enough, even relaxing.  My style of acupuncture is rooted in touch and I tend towards fewer needles with less manipulation and a shallower insertion for patient comfort.


After applying oil, I heat 2-6 glass cups using a lit cotton ball and then place them on your back.  The warmth inside the cup creates a vacuum that lifts the skin, fascia and muscles and opens the meridians.  The cups are then moved in a smooth motion all over the back, shoulders and neck. Like a deep tissue massage without the pain, this modality decreases muscle tension and relaxes the nervous system.

Positive Reprogramming

Trauma Recovery

When we experience extreme emotions, trauma can become locked in the body, creating physical symptoms.  Incorporating various healing modalities, this treatment offers relief from trauma, whether from a specific event, childhood experiences, micro-aggressions or from an unknown source.  Using a simple and gentle approach that aims to be safe, I can work with you to release trauma and stress that is carried in the cells and tissues, clear unwanted and outdated patterns that limit your potential and connect you to your source of power, without the need to re-live the event.

Kruger Omni Healing

Using a gentle, safe and hands-on approach, this treatment stimulates a healing response from the nervous system to bring about balance and relief of symptoms.  This treatment was developed over the last 40 years by Dr. Joshua Kruger, DC.  Conditions treated: sleep and mood disorders, anxiety, PTSD, acute and chronic pain, sports injuries, headaches, migraines, postural misalignments, range of motion issues, sciatica, trigeminal neuralgia, etc.  KOH also boosts the function of organs and muscles, treating digestive, endocrine, respiratory, gynecological and neurological complaints.

Kruger Omni Healing


Treatments will often include cupping, tui na and acupressure. Kruger Omni Healing and Trauma Recovery can be incorporated as needed.

Diversified Health Clinic Rates

Home Clinic Rates:

60-minute Treatment: 100

3 Series: 285 (95/treatment)

5 Series: (90/treatment)

Additionally, those eligible for MSP (income less than 40k per year) are entitled to be reimbursed $23 per session up to a max of 10 sessions by submitting here.

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